Thursday, January 3, 2013

NCAA BCS Championship Game

Notre Dame vs. Alabama (-10.5), Monday January 7th, 8:30 ET
I've seen a direct correlation in my gambling profits (or losses) this year from last year. When I used to spend the time every weekend capping NFL, college football or college basketball games I saw something that I haven't seen very much of this year: Wins.  There's simply something to be said to doing research, putting your thoughts down on a white piece of digital paper and publishing your predictions. While I've had fun doing the predictions, they became too time consuming, and quickly became an after thought. Well - there's one reason I've decided to write about the National Championship game and that reason is $$. The more that I invest myself into the story lines leading up to the game, the more knowledgeable I feel about the outcome. At least that's what I'll continue to tell myself. So without further ado, here's some analysis on how the BCS Championship game could go...