Friday, September 30, 2011

NFL Week 4 Predictions

This is probably one of my favorite times of the sports year. Meaningful baseball is about to start. College Football is starting conference play. We're starting to get a clearer picture of the contenders in the NFL. And the NBA season is right around the corner... It's also Rosh Hashanah which is my favorite Jewish Holiday because it phonetically sounds exactly like my mother's full name. So at least we have that going for us... click for NFL Week 4 picks after the jump.

MLB Division Series Predictions

The 2011 MLB Playoffs kick off tonight. We needed all 162 games to figure out which teams were worthy of being in the playoffs all while witnessing the two largest September collapses in the history of Baseball... If Wednesday night was evidence of the drama and the ridiculousness that we are going to see this year then we are in for an absolute treat. Just as long we don't get the Rangers and the Diamondbacks in the World Series. Click for the Division Series predictions after the jump...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Thoughts - Night of Collapse / Moneyball

The Braves and the Red Sox did it. Both teams successfully completed epic collapses. The Braves blew a 10.5 game lead over the Cardinals in the National League and the Red Sox gave up a 9 game lead to the Rays in the American League. The funny thing is - no one gives a crap that the Braves are not in the Postseason. And if you are a Braves fans on a day that has to be one of the worst in the teams storied history you can take solace in the fact that the Red Sox are the ones garnering all of the collapse attention. Click for more after the jump on the Night of Collapse and Moneyball...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NFL Survivor - Week 4

You know what? The Titans pick last week didn't feel very good. I have to admit - I was trying to be too cute and with the Broncos up by 4 in the fourth I thought it was all over. Hate when that happens, but a win is a win so I'll take it and move on to week 4. But believe you me, there will be no beating around the bush in this one. I'll be looking at a game that I have full confidence in. Click for the pick after the jump.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NFL Week 3 Recap

Are the Buffalo Bills for real@!? Wow - what a game that was. Going down 21-0 to the Pats and Tom Brady I thought to myself - no way. And then we just started chipping away - at first I was just rooting for the Bills to cover and keep it manageable - then it turned it to a wait a minute, if we can just stop Brady oneee more time we might have a shot at this. With the help of 3 second-half Brady Interceptions and Ochocinco shitting the bed, the Bills D absolutely answered the call. Even in the late game situations, it looked like the Bills, not the Patriots were the team that were accustomed to winning. I know its only week 3 of the season - but these first three weeks have had more excitement, hope, and drama than any 3 week stretch I can remember as a fan of the Bills. It feels good to be relevant - heck, it just feels good to not be part of the "Suck for Luck" sweepstakes. Click after the jump for more about we we learned besides the Bills stranglehold on the rest of NFL...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fab Five - Week 4 (NCAAF Predictions)

We picked it up a bit - going 4-1 on the College Football predictions last week bringing the season record to a solid 6-3-1 ATS. It's usually easier to pick games at the beginning of the season before conference play picks up but I'll take the 66% win record and continue to try to be on the right side of these Nationally Televised games. Click for this weeks picks after the jump...

NFL Week 3 Predictions

New Season of "The Office" premiered last night! First episode without Michael Scott as the lead guy. That's the second season premier that I've watched this week where the lead guy is no longer around (Charlie Sheen - Two and A Half Men). Times are changing. It's also my good friends birthday today so shout out to Mr. Massimo. A little advice with the birthday candles "don't blow too hard, it gets a little sloppy if you do" -- That's What She Said! See what I did there? Started off with Michael Scott... finished up with a TWSS. I entertain myself. No, but for real, Happy Birthday Boss, wish you nothing but the best. Click for week 3 picks after the jump...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Random Thoughts - Conference Realignment

I have to admit. All of this talk about conference realignment in collegiate sports is kind of making my head spin. I'm not even sure people care - but I do know that it comes down to one thing and one thing only. Money. Schools are scurrying all over the country to make 'super conferences', but believe what you will about rivalries and keeping traditions in tact, Schools are just going where they will have financial stability and the opportunity for their institutions to profit the most. And you know what? I'm not mad at them. Read for more thoughts on the realignment fiasco after the jump...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NFL Survivor - Week 3

We survived another week! Pittsburgh absolutely cruised to a 24-0 win over the Seahawks, so unlike week 1, we were able to breathe easy throughout the entire game. 42.0% of all survivor players also had the Steelers and the only big casualty last week would have been the Ravens (5.1%). So we move on to week 3 and will have the pick after the jump.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NFL Week 2 Recap

Another whirlwind weekend in the NFL. The Bills/Raiders definitely highlighted the 1 o'clock games (which besides that game were pretty lackluster) and the Cowboys/49ers gave us all we could handle in the later games. Then there was the Falcons/Eagles game to cap off the day. I'll be honest I missed the first half because I had an 8pm tennis match. And as good as the tennis match was, that will definitely be the last time I agree to play when two of the top teams in the NFC are competing on national television. It was absolutely a game of swings in momentum. One second the Eagles look like they're going to coast to victory up 10 in the fourth. Then Matty Ice leads the Falcons on two TD scoring possessions in the fourth quarter to give the Falcons control. Finally, backup QB Mike "I'll eventually get traded for a 3rd round pick and sign a 4 year contract" Kafka led an impressive drive that ended with a dropped pass on 4th down by WR Jeremy Maclin who had himself a career game. From a fan's perspective it had all the drama you could ask for. Fortunately we were on the right side of that game. Click for more thoughts from week 2 after the jump...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ortiz / Mayweather Prediction

So there's a fight tonight. Unless Mayweather, Pacquiao, or Amir Khan is fighting you can count me out for boxing. For me fight night is never quite right without some good pre-fight hype between two fighters as well as a nice wager so that we have a rooting interest. The HBO series 24/7 is about as good a documentary that there is on television. Just gets me amped for a fight. Plus it provides all types of comedy such as this expletive-filled exchange between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his father Mayweather Sr.  (Skip to about 1 min 20 seconds). Just great television. Click after the jump for my pick tonight.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fab Five - Week 3 (NCAAF Predictions)

We're back this week for five of the top games in College Football this week. We started the season an extremely average 2-2-1. We'll look to build on that .500 week and try to make it a winning one. Click for the picks after the jump...

NFL Week 2 Predictions

We really dominated week 1, huh? Just came out with a bang, got things going our way early on and never took our foot off of the proverbial throttle on our way to a completely dominant performance. 

That 'We' I'm referring to is the Buffalo Bills. That's right I'm on the team. Although I could see how you might mistake it with my work as a prognosticator in week 1. But much like the Bills - I'll have to try to keep momentum going now that expectations have been raised, everrrrr so slightly. Click for my Week 2 picks after the jump...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Random Thoughts on Baseball...

We're coming down the stretch of the MLB season and well some things just never change. For the 19th, that's right, the 19th consecutive season the Pittsburgh Pirates have assured themselves a losing record. Remember when the Pirates were in a three way battle for first place of the NL Central at the end of July? Yeah, neither do I. Good going Pittsburgh. On the bright side, at least they're not the Cubs. Click to read more random thoughts about Baseball after the jump...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NFL Survivor - Week 2

We're back for the week 2 survivor pick. We got a good win from the Chargers last week as they were able to hold off the Vikings at home. I've found in years past that the first week is the hardest to survive because of the uncertainty of the upcoming season. Looking at my league this year- Atlanta, Cleveland (biggest offender), and Kansas City all succumbed to their opponents in week 1. Nearly half of our league was unable to move on to week 2. That's good news for me. Click for this week's pick after the jump.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NFL Week 1 Recap

1 week down. 1 week closer to a Bills / 49ers Superbowl, CIRCLE THE WAGONS! I only kid, but Chris Berman would definitely approve.

What a week we had in the Week 1 predictions and in the Survivor play of the week . We went a solid 12-3-1 in games ATS and Survived week 1 with our Chargers pick. I even got a couple of 'thank you' and 'good shit' messages from readers that were able to take advantage of both set of picks. Although I'm not entirely certain that the ladder message was in reference to my Week 1 picks… Anyways, tell everyone you know to look out for my week 2 predictions - they are bound to be mediocre. Click to read more about what I learned this week…

Monday, September 12, 2011

Things Heating up in the AL Wild Card Race...

The Boston Red Sox were supposed to be a lock for the MLB postseason. That's no longer the case. At the end of August, the Red Sox held a 1.5 game lead in the AL East heading into a three game home-series with their division rival - New York Yankees. At that time, fans and experts were only thinking about the division title. No one thought that the Red Sox would be in a fight for the AL Wild Card race just two weeks later. Since that series with the Yankees, things have spiraled out of control for the Red Sox as they are currently in the middle of a five game losing streak and  have dropped 9 of their last 11 games. 

U.S. Open Prediction (Men's Final)

I have to start this off by saying the match between Federer and Djokovic on Saturday afternoon was an absolute classic. You can make any analogy you want, but at the end of the day it was a heavyweight boxing match, it was two gladiators going toe-to-toe, heck it was the passing of the torch. Down double match point, 5-3 in the fifth set, the return of service that Novak hit had to be one of the greatest returns of all time. Perhaps a career-ending shot for Roger Federer, and a career stepping stone for Novak Djokovic. I know that may seem a bit extreme, but realistically this was one of the last legitimate opportunities for Federer to win another Grand Slam. I hope that he can prove me wrong, but I just feel like this match will have too much of a crippling effect on him going forward. 
See prediction for finals after the jump...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

U.S. Open Predictions (Semis)

1, 2, 3, 4....

For the second time this year the top four seeds in Men's tennis will square off in the Semi-Finals of a Grand Slam tournament. The first time at the French Open we saw Rafa outlast Federer in four grueling sets to win his sixth French Open title. That was France, this is America. Click to read who will make the U.S. Open Finals after the jump...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fab Five - Week 2 (NCAAF Predictions)

In an effort to pay a little more attention to College Football this year than I have in the past - I'll be going through the weekly matchups and narrowing them down to five potential plays for the week in a segment called Fab Five. Since I like being able to watch the games on television, I'll try my hand on the nationally televised games. Also, having graduated from the national sports powerhouse that is Drexel University you can be rest assured that I have no allegiances to any college football program, so all picks will be completely unbiased... Click for the picks after the jump

U.S. Open Predictions (Quarters / Semis)

"Rain Rain go away, that's what all my haters say." - Wocka Flocka

Wocka Flocka speaks so eloquently and on behalf of all tennis fans at this point. Fortunately we were able to get through all of the 4th round matches as Rafeal Nadal and Andy Murray made quick work of G. Muller and Donald Young respectively. And the two Americans, Andy Roddick and John Isner, each needed 4 sets to dismiss their counterparts setting up a Nadal/Roddick and Murray/Isner Quarterfinal for the bottom half of the draw.

At the top half of the draw Novak Djokovic advanced over fellow countrymen Janko Tipsarevic by way of a fourth set retirement. Roger Federer looked all types of impressive as he made quick work of the usually pesky #12 seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, setting up a Djokovic (1) v. Federer (3) semi-final

For today's Quarterfinal matchup predictions - please read after the jump...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The NFL Season Underway

Now thattttt is how you start the Gambling NFL Season. Blink and you miss a 72 yard touchdown return by Darren "the muskrat" Sproles... flip the channel? Miss a measly 108 yard kickoff return by Randall "The first 90's Baby in the NFL" Cobb. He's fucking fast. Just an onslaught of offense and big plays, and some late game drama to conclude the night. As a football fan you could not have asked for a better start to the season. And as an investor - the Over was most Definitely the play. For those keeping track at home we're a cool 1-0 on the season picks as Green Bay held on to avoid the backdoor cover by the Saints.

Thank God for football. 

The Introduction of MattyBonez

Gambling can be defined in a multitude of ways.  The free dictionary claims that gambling is "to bet on an uncertain outcome" or "to play a game of chance for stakes."  It can also be defined as "taking a risk in the hope of gaining an advantage or benefit".  But when it comes to MY personal gambling, I think old Merriam Webster has it nailed correctly when they say gambling is "To engage in reckless or hazardous behavior".  Because truthfully, when it comes to gambling, everything I do is reckless!!!!  I have no qualms about it either.  I have gained such an affinity and appreciation for losing that I just seem to do in every area of my existence.  Yanks win 6 straight, I bet em in game 7 at home against the orioles, they have a lineup with Jeter, Granderson, Cano and Texieira on THE BENCH and lose 5-4.  Milwaukee winners of 7 straight, with their best pitcher Greinke on the hill at home, I bet em, they lose to the struggling Cardinals.  I angrily say screw sports betting and head to the shadiest casino in the world, Harrahs in Chester, PA, and blow 500 playing blackjack….then blow another 500 on my way out the door in my "Its only 500" mode.  The long and short of it, is that gambling is probably my second favorite thing to do in the world, aside from the obvious, and I just so happen to suck at both (ask my ex girlfriends…they will gladly agree).  But the reason I am here is not to vent to you about my gambling losses or lack of amazing sex life, well it kind of is, but it is to fill you in on current times in sports in different light than you see from everyone else out there.  My intention is to give you some good stories about what you are actually interested in reading about and not do it in the manner that every other news feed out there does it in.  I will be rash.  I will be harsh.  I will talk about fantasy sports, gambling, and real sports, while sprinkling in some personal stories about my own personal gambling and sex life escapades.  Hopefully you enjoy.  And with that, my first order of business has to be week 1 of the NFL... click to read the rest after the jump -

NFL Survivor - Week 1

Another popular fantasy/gambling game that has picked up steam among friends and gambling addicts alike is the Survivor Pool. This is a game in which contestants get the opportunity to pick ONE Winner every week. If you select correctly, you survive on to the next week. If you don't, you're dead. The person to 'survive' the longest wins. The one catch is that once you pick a team, you can no longer use that team for the remainder of the season. Pretty simple, right? Click to read this year's thought process as well as this week's pick after the jump...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NFL Week 1 Predictions

Sorry - had to highlight a little of my excitement for the season's kickoff. With the NFL Season kicking off tomorrow night, I decided to start a season-long tally of my NFL picks for the 2011 season. All point spreads for this blog are used courtesy of Sportsbook.Com - without further ado..

Thursday, September 8th (8:30PM)
New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay Packers (-4.5)
Two great teams with stellar offenses and even better quarterbacks to get this season underway. I have Drew Brees as my QB in my big money league - so I'll have a rooting interest at least for a lot of points in this game. Quite frankly I think that the Packers are too deep and have too many weapons on both sides of the ball for the Saints to keep up with them. I like the Packers to win and cover their first game at home.

Check for weekend picks after the jump...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

U.S. Open Predictions (4th Round / Quarters)

With half of the Quarters already set (Djokovic/Tipsarevic & Federer/Tsonga), I'm not really going out on a limb to give a prediction on who I will think makes the semis and finals. But I do think there are some intriguing matchups and story lines still yet to be seen. Read more after the jump...


If you are reading this blog - it's likely because you have very little else to do. This is mostly just a space for me to write down thoughts and feelings about the world of sports.

This is a Fantasy-Heavy week for the NFL so I'll make my cherry-popping blog about my fantasy predictions...