Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ortiz / Mayweather Prediction

So there's a fight tonight. Unless Mayweather, Pacquiao, or Amir Khan is fighting you can count me out for boxing. For me fight night is never quite right without some good pre-fight hype between two fighters as well as a nice wager so that we have a rooting interest. The HBO series 24/7 is about as good a documentary that there is on television. Just gets me amped for a fight. Plus it provides all types of comedy such as this expletive-filled exchange between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his father Mayweather Sr.  (Skip to about 1 min 20 seconds). Just great television. Click after the jump for my pick tonight.

But for the fight itself, I fully expect Floyd Jr. to handle Victor Ortiz tonight. I'm told that Ortiz is a more than capable opponent that packs a pretty heavy punch, but I've never actually seen him fight. I also know that Mayweather has been out of boxing for 16 months and he's ended only 1 fight in the last 5 years earlier than the 12th round. Mayweather is a very methodical boxer that doesn't mind wearing down his opponents. I look for the fight to go at least 10 rounds and will be taking over 9.5 rounds at -260. Mayweather at -550 is too rich for my blood, and there's always the outside chance that Ortiz connects with a big right... If that happens, great! I'll just be hoping it happens after the 10th. 


  1. didnt look like he wanted to wait around tonight huh??? hahaha

  2. nope, not tonight.. wasn't expecting that

  3. "I wish I was about 50 years younger I would kick your ass." I'm surprised Floyd didn't knock Larry Merchant when he wasn't looking too