Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NFL Survivor - Week 3

We survived another week! Pittsburgh absolutely cruised to a 24-0 win over the Seahawks, so unlike week 1, we were able to breathe easy throughout the entire game. 42.0% of all survivor players also had the Steelers and the only big casualty last week would have been the Ravens (5.1%). So we move on to week 3 and will have the pick after the jump.

So as you can see below the two teams that we've used this year have been San Diego and Pittsburgh. When I look at this week's matchups - instinctively I would choose San Diego since they play against the Chiefs and are 14.5 point favorites at home. This would be one of those division games that I would absolutely not have a problem taking. The Chiefs are injured and it has been well documented here that they are going to struggle moving the ball at all this year. The other enticing game is the Steelers over the Colts. Even though the Steelers are on the road they are 10.5 point favorites to beat Indianapolis on Sunday Night Football. With no Peyton Manning this would also be a strong pick. Unfortunately for us, we have used both teams in the first 2 weeks, so our pick will require a little more work. Let's first take a look at the guidelines:

-Must be a home game... Why try to survive with a team on the road?
-Team should have significant edge at the Quarterback position
-Stay away from Divisional games - These teams see each other every year, twice a year. They know each other. Unless there's a significant advantage for one team (i.e. Saints / Panthers) I'm going to try to stay away from these matchups.
-Don't try to be cute, especially early on. I've gotten in trouble in years past trying to take teams that aren't usually favorites so that I can save the better teams for later on in the season. Not going to happen this year.

For this weeks pick I am going with the Tennessee Titans. The Titans are back home this week against the Denver Broncos after a convincing 26-13 win over the Ravens in Nashville last week. QB Matt Hasselbeck  was impressive last week as he threw for over 350 yards. He's seemed to develop some good chemistry with WR Kenny Britt. I look for the Titans to continue handing the ball off to Chris Johnson who got 24 carries last week on only 53 yards.  Johnson and the Titans run game will need to do better than that in order for the Titans to open up space in the passing game. The Titans are favored by a touchdown in this one - and while I could see this being a close game at times, I look for the Titans to get the edge at home against a subpar Broncos team. Take the Titans and lets move on to week 4. 

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