Friday, September 16, 2011

NFL Week 2 Predictions

We really dominated week 1, huh? Just came out with a bang, got things going our way early on and never took our foot off of the proverbial throttle on our way to a completely dominant performance. 

That 'We' I'm referring to is the Buffalo Bills. That's right I'm on the team. Although I could see how you might mistake it with my work as a prognosticator in week 1. But much like the Bills - I'll have to try to keep momentum going now that expectations have been raised, everrrrr so slightly. Click for my Week 2 picks after the jump...

Sunday, September 18th (1:00 ET Kickoffs)
Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Jets (-9)
I look at this matchup and think to myself... is there any way that K Josh Scobee will be able to keep the Jaguars close in this game? I just don't see how the Jaguars will produce points against this defense. And while QB Mark Sanchez and the Jets offense aren't exactly instilling fear into opposing defenses - they will do more than enough to propel the Jets to a win. Take the Jets and lay the points. 

Chicago Bears vs. New Orleans Saints (-6.5)
This is a tough game to write about because the lead story heading into the game will be one that far outweighs anything that happens on the field. Bears All Pro LB Brian Urlacher is dealing with the loss of his mother. My prayers and condolences go out to those that have lost loved ones. In my week 1 predictions I talked about how I did not think that the Bears were ready to gel together as a team. Not only did they prove me wrong with their thrashing of the Falcons, but when things like this happen to a teammate, better yet a leader, the team tends to find a way to rally. I expect a motivated Bears team to keep this one close, and will take them plus the points this week in New Orleans.  

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Detroit Lions (-9)
The Lions looked good in last weeks win against the Buccaneers. The Chiefs looked like they didn't know the season started. Well, now that we're in week 2, I just don't see how the Chiefs will be able to magically figure out how to move the ball, play defense, and show a pulse on special teams. Those are usually pretty important concepts to grasp for an NFL team. I see the Lions dominating when they have the ball on offense and pouring it on by at least two touchdowns in this one. 

Oakland Raiders vs. Buffalo Bills (-3.5)
This is a tough one. I was one of the few people that willed themselves to watch the entirety of the Raiders / Broncos game on Monday Night. When the game ended, I just couldn't help but feel excited that the Raiders would be the next opponent for the Bills. But then I thought about it some more. The Raiders if nothing else are a smash mouth, run-it down your throat (super pause), hit you as hard as we can with no regard for physical harm type of football team. And to be honest, that scares the living crap out of me as a Bills fan. The Raiders totaled 15 Penalties in week 1 and there were multiple times when the Broncos actually declined one penalty to accept a penalty of harsher punishment. Complete recklessness. Couple that with Sebastian Janikowski and I could absolutely see the Raiders winning this one by a FG. So basically I'm siding with the more 'physical' team in this one. I'll take the Raiders plus the points - but will be hoping that this Bills team can find a way to beat up these bullies. 

Arizona Cardinals vs. Washington Redskins (-4)
I just don't see it with this Washington Redskins team. Admittedly I saw very little of their game against the Giants last week, so a lot of my thoughts and notions on this team are still based off of what they did last year. Rex Grossman is their Quarterback and former Cardinal Tim Hightower is their go to man on the ground. Not exactly a lethal 1-2 punch. That being said, I did watch the Cardinals last week and I did watch Cam Newton absolutely torch this Cardinals secondary. Going off of that alone, I could see the Redskins getting out to an early lead and then fending off the Cardinals the rest of the way. I'll be taking the Redskins and laying the points in this one. 

Baltimore Ravens (-6) vs. Tennessee Titans
I actually expect this game to be closer than most would think. Naturally it would be easy to see what the Ravens did last week to the Steelers and say, well if they can do that to Pittsburgh they can absolutely do that to a weaker Titans team. Right or Wrong? Things in the NFL change so much week to week. What worked against one team may not work against the next. While I think the Ravens are inherently the better team and will still contend for a top spot in the AFC, I look for the Titans to keep this one close at home behind Chris Johnson who was virtually useless last week. They will need to feed him the ball and open things up early on. Take the Titans plus the points in what will likely be a low scoring affair.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (-14.5)
I took the Steelers in my Survivor pick this week. I think they are just too well coached and have far too many weapons for the Seahawks to contend with them for 60 minutes. After that week 1 defeat at Baltimore, I could easily see Steeler Nation taking it out on the Seahawks team in what will be a rematch of the 2006 Superbowl. Too long ago? (Still can't believe the Seahawks lost that game). Oh well, either way the Steelers will handle the Seahawks so lay the 14.5 here. 

Green Bay Packers (-10) vs. Carolina Panthers
Hmmm - so LB Thomas Davis of the Panthers, who I really know nothing about came out this week and said that the Panthers "should come away with a victory" over the Packers. With this thought process, I should be getting into Harvard Business School at any moment - I like the confidence but let's call it how it is. The Panthers have no shot against the Packers, and I have no shot at getting a degree from the stalwart that is Harvard Business School. Take the Packers minus the points and consider this a free lesson for Thomas Davis & co.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Minnesota Vikings (-3)
Both teams got off to a rough start to their seasons. I think that the Bucs actually have some promise with Josh Freeman under center. The Vikings offense compiled 26 yards on 17 plays in the second half of their loss to the Chargers. If I was on the Bucs defensive coaching staff, I would put 9 guys in the box, and let McNabb try to complete a pass over 6 yards. I don't see that happening. Take the Bucs plus the points in this one.

Cleveland Browns (-2.5) vs. Indianapolis Colts
Wake me up when this one is over.  Two teams that are just wildly unexciting. I'll go with the Colts plus the points. 

Sunday, September 18th (4:00 ET Kickoffs)
Dallas Cowboys (-3) vs. San Francisco 49ers 
Mr. Romo - oh how you make my blood pressure rise. It's no secret, I'm a big believer of this Dallas Cowboys team this year. I think that they have all the pieces in place, but they just find a way to lose the big games. Last week was no different as Romo had two Costly turnovers that allowed the Jets to literally take the game away in the final moments. Maybe I'm a little too emotionally invested in the Cowboys (I just made a trade this week to acquire RB Felix Jones in my big money Fantasy League). But I just don't see this team losing another game especially against a team from the NFC West. Take the Cowboys and pray that Romo doesn't F this one up.

Houston Texans (-3) vs. Miami Dolphins
Arian Foster is expected to play for the Texans this week. This will definitely help the Texans and Fantasy owners - but I'll be going with the Dolphins in this one. I think the Dolphins look like an improved team. The "White Vick" aka Chad Henne, moved the ball all over the field (416 yds passing) and even used his legs (59 yds rushing) last week against the Patriots. I like what he showed and will be taking the Dolphins plus the points in this one.

San Diego Chargers vs. New England Patriots (-7)
Now this is a foooootball game... The Patriots were on fire last week. Both of these teams tout great quarterbacks with weapons all over the field. The over/under in this game is currently 53.5 points so we should be in for some high fantasy numbers. I missed the premier of the Bill Belichick documentary on NFL Films, but I'm sure the gist of it goes like this: Bill Belichick is an awesome coach. In the Patriots first home game of the season, I'll be riding with the Pats to handle the visiting Chargers convincingly. 

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Denver Broncos (-3.5)
Another awful game. I just don't see how the Bengals will be able to go on the road two weeks in a row and come away with two wins. Denver should be able to bounce back from that slugfest with the Raiders, and who knows maybe Tim Tebow will grace us with his presence. I'll take the Broncos to win at home.

Sunday Night Football - 8:25 PM EST Start
Philadelphia Eagles (-2.5) vs. Atlanta Falcons
The return of Michael Vick to the dog pound Georgia Dome. This is a huge huge game for the Falcons. After a horrid start last week, they can ill-afford to go 0-2 to start the season. They have to take advantage here at home where QB Matt Ryan is 19-3 in his career. I think that the Eagles played well last week, but they showed some holes at LB - I fully expect the Falcons to try to go back to the run game with Michael Turner and establish the tempo early. I'll take the Falcons to win the battle on the line, and win this game outright.

Monday Night Football - 8:40 PM EST Start

St. Louis Rams  vs. New York Giants (-6)
Nothing like a battle of 0-1 teams on MNF! Great news for the Rams that QB Sam Bradford is expected to play and will not miss any time. That's a huge relief for a team that looks like they will be without its star RB Steven Jackson, leading receiver last year WR Danny Amendola, and starting CB Ronald Bartell. I know that the Giants are dinged up too - but I still think that they will win this low-scoring game. I also fully expect Eli Manning to give us this face at least once throughout the night. Because of that face, I'll be taking the Rams with the points on the road. 

Enjoy week 2 of the season! 

Season Record: 12-3-1


  1. Oakland had to play a LATE MNF game in DENVER, now flies across the country to play in the EARLY GAME against a buffalo team that looked tough to beat last week. I say Buffalo lays the pipe in this one and your reverse psychology hinders ur ability to see!

  2. hahaha shhhhhh.... let's not talk about it :)

  3. also - good trade on the Mike Wallace / Felix Jones swap.

  4. how'd you do this week? Hopefully you got the bills at 3