Saturday, November 3, 2012

2012 NFL Week 9 Predictions

I'm sitting at home on a Saturday night watching college football for the first time all season. Have I been missing out or is this just a special weekend with LSU/Alabama, USC/Oregon, and that PITT/ND gem? Either way - I feel all types of ready to make picks for the NFL season after watching the minor leagues all day today...

Thursday November 1, 2012
Kansas City at San Diego (-9) - This is somewhat of a hot streak for me hitting two straight Thursday Night games. 

Sunday November 4, 2012
Denver (-3.5) at Cincinnati - I legitimately think the Broncos are a Super Bowl contender with how well Peyton has been playing. That means back the Bengals this week. 
Baltimore (-3.5) at Cleveland - The Ravens have had two weeks to prepare for the Browns after a 30-point drudging against the Texans. Repeat, the Ravens have had two weeks to prepare for the Browns.
Arizona at Green Bay (-12.5) - The Packers should get back on track offensively after a herky-jerky game against the Jags last week. The Cards couldn't be heading in the wrong direction any faster - at least its almost college basketball season?
Chicago (-3.5) at Tennessee - The Bears as pointed out by one of my go-to guys for football Bill Barnwell are a legit contender in the NFC. I don't see them losing to the Titans.
Miami (-1.5) at Indianapolis - Full disclosure, I bet a handsome amount against the Dolphins after watching Hard Knocks and the preseason. It's usually not a good idea to do that. I hope the Colts can pull this win out. Do it for Chuck!
Carolina (Best Pick) at Washington (-3.5) - Feeling the Panthers now that they've gotten rid of their GM and have started to play more conventionally. I like Superman to get the best of RG3 is this matchup of the "Scrambling" QB. 
Detroit (-3.5) at Jacksonville - I've seen reports that Calvin Johnson hasn't practiced all week. Lucky for him, he probably won't need to try this weekend. 
Buffalo at Houston (-11.5) - I understand the Texans are good, and the Bills D is horrendous, but I still like CJ Spiller getting 10+ pts. As long as Fitzpatrick doesn't eff up every possesion.
Tampa Bay at Oakland (Pick) - Josh Freeman has actually been pretty good lately. Quietly this Bucs team has put together a solid season good enough for 2nd in the division. 
Minnesota at Seattle (-5) - Both teams are coming off losses. One of them will be on a losing streak after this game. 
Pittsburgh at NY Giants (-3) - Really have no idea about this next three games. When in doubt take the road dogs. 
Dallas at Atlanta (-4) - Romo and Garrett have to figure out how to win a late game situation eventually, right?

Monday November 5, 2012
Philadelphia at New Orleans (-3) - Andy Reid and Mike Vick should be packing an extra bag in case they lose this game. 

For some reason I like the road teams a lot this week. Maybe it's because there were a lot of homes destroyed this week. Too soon? Yeah probably too soon. Stay Safe out there.

Last Week: 8-6
Best Picks: 5-3
Season Record: 61-55-2

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