Sunday, October 28, 2012

2012 NFL Week 8 Predictions

Week 8 Picks...the calm before the storm.

Tampa Bay at Minnesota (-6) - FINALLY won a Thursday night game!!
Carolina at Chicago (-7.5) - Carolina is going to try to run a conventional offense. Too bad for them the Bears have an exceptional defense.
San Diego (-2.5) at Cleveland - Norv Turner should have an extra bag packed because if he loses this one after a bye week against a 1-win team he shouldn't even think about getting on a plane headed back to San Diego. Not sure why I'm not rooting for this?
Seattle at Detroit (-2) - Dear Matthew Stafford, Stop sucking and start throwing the ball to Calvin Johnson. He's really really good.
Jacksonville at Green Bay (-12) - I have Rashad Jennings and Jonathan Stewart going for me this week in fantasy. Never thought I would type that sentence.
Indianapolis at Tennessee (-3.5) - Just feels like the type of game that everyone bets on the Colts. Should the Titans be laying more than a FG? Probably not. But my gut says Chris Johnson is back. 
New England (-7) at St. Louis - A home game for the Rams in London. My Guess is Gronk fucked Pippa Middleton last night - should have extra energy for this one.
Miami at NY Jets (-2.5) - I had a dream last night that the Dolphins traded for Joe Flacco. Don't ask me why. I just know that I woke up this morning thankful that they are still trolling out Ryan Tannehill (who has actually been serviceable) and a bunch of nobody's catching passes. Feel like the Jets should be able to win this snoozefest, 7-3.
Atlanta at Philadelphia (-2.5) - Oh so a 6-0 team coming off a bye faces a 3-3 team at home (also coming off a bye) and the home team is laying 2.5? Not sure what's at play here but if 50% of bettors like the Eagles here, I'll gladly take that extra 2.5 since I believe the Falcons are the better team.
Washington at Pittsburgh (-4.5)  Best Pick - RG3 has been really good this year. Quietly the Steelers have started to remember that the 2012 NFL Season has started. I think they lay it on the rook today, and then receive a few phone calls from the Commish's office after the game.
Oakland at Kansas City (-2) - The Chiefs are starting Brady Quinn and the Raiders are starting Carson Palmer. Don't watch this game.
NY Giants (-2) at Dallas - Revenge game, SChevenge Game. There's no question the G-Men have been one of the better teams so far this season and Eli Manning is a viable MVP Candidate with what he's done - but there's something about me that keeps coming back to the Star and Tony Romo. I guess I'll never learn my lesson.
New Orleans at Denver (-6) - Peyton Manning plays against the Saints for the first time since Terry Porter intercepted him in the 2009 Super Bowl. The good news for Manning is that Terry Porter is now on his team.
San Francisco (-6.5) at Arizona - Remember when the Seahawks improbably covered because Harbaugh chose to decline the safety? Yeah, I don't think this one will even be close.

Yo but for real - stay safe. A hurricane is coming thru and her vagina is Sandy - could be bad.

Last Week: 5-7-1
Best Picks: 4-3
Season Record: 53-49-2

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