Thursday, October 4, 2012

2012 NFL Week 5 Predictions

Holy schnikes, 4-11??? Yup - after re-reading my post last week, I'm not sure why anyone would have said you know what?! This guy has a grasp on what's going on - let's get on board. Just utterly horrendous last week on the picks - but I vow to come back strong this week seeing as we're one week removed from the worst week in NFL history. I'm still staying true to my detachment process and only making picks - am I less informed? Yep. Do I still enjoy the games as much? Sure do. Here's how the games should play out this week.

Thursday October 4th, 8:20 ET - NFL Network
Arizona (-1.5) at St. Louis

Sunday October 7th

Miami at Cincinnati (-3)
Green Bay (-7) at Indianapolis
Baltimore (-6) at Kansas City
Tennessee at Minnesota (-5.5)
Atlanta (-3) at Washington
Cleveland at NY Giants (-8.5)
Philadelphia at Pittsburgh (-3)
Seattle at Carolina (-3)
Chicago (-6) at Jacksonville
Denver at New England (-6.5)
Buffalo at San Francisco (-10)
San Diego at New Orleans (-3.5)

Monday October 8th, 8:30 ET - ESPN

Houston (-8) at NY Jets


Last Week: 4-11
Season: 32-30-1
Best Picks: 2-2

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