Sunday, October 14, 2012

2012 NFL Week 6 Predictions

The NFL these past two weekends has been immensely more fun to watch - plus now with the real refs back I feel like things are coming back to normalcy. Thru 5 Weeks I've learned that the Falcons Passing Game is terrific. The Panthers passing game is the opposite. There's also no clear cut upper echelon of great teams this year as we've had in years past. Sure the Texans and Falcons boast 5-0 records - but would anyone be terribly surprised if they didn't end up with No. 1 seed in their respective conferences? The Texans look like a well balanced team but with a season ending injury to their All Pro LB Brian Cushing and the fact that they haven't really played anyone 'good' I wouldn't be so quick to pencil them in for top spot in the AFC. But arguably the most important thing I've learned is week to week nothing in the NFL matters - gotta look at each matchup and throw everything from weeks prior out the proverbial window. Here's how things should play out for week 6.

Thursday October 11th, 8:20 ET - NFL Network
Pittsburgh (-5.5) at Tennessee

Sunday October 14th
Oakland at Atlanta (-8)
Cincinnati (-1) at Cleveland
St. Louis at Miami (-3.5)
Indianapolis at NY Jets (-3)
Detroit at Philadelphia (-4.5)
Dallas at Baltimore (-3.5) - BP
Kansas City at Tampa Bay (-3.5)
New England (-3.5) at Seattle
Buffalo at Arizona (-4.5)
NY Giants at San Francisco (-4.5)
Minnesota at Washington (-1.5)
Green Bay at Houston (-3.5)

Monday October 14th
Denver at San Diego (-2)

Stay Warm. 

Last Week: 8-6
Season: 40-36-1
Best Picks: 3-2

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