Thursday, October 8, 2015

Back for More... The Columbia University Edition

More than anything I've always wanted to use this space to project my thoughts and ideas into the ever adapting and changing industry that is Sports. Recently I was lucky enough to get accepted to Columbia University's M.Sc in Sports Management. Seems like a program that was molded specifically for me... and so far it has been. The one quibble is that I've enrolled at another university for no major athletics program, although I've been told to watch out for the Lions Basketball program - more on that to follow later in the year (potentially). I've been enamored meeting everyone in my program so far and hearing about the many unique backgrounds that have led this current class to where they are currently. However, while we all have a shared passion for sports, it's apparent to me I think one thing sets me aside from everyone else (save one other nutjob) in the program is my passion to fantasy sports and the gambling aspect of sports.

A lot of what this program has forced me to do already is identify where in the industry I want to be. Thinking back to when I first started putting my thoughts to keyboard on this blogspace, a lot of the passion that I had around sports was focused on Fantasy Sports and Gambling. It's fascinating to see 4 years later the general acceptance and awareness take the form of 2 multi-billion dollar companies that you may have heard of, FanDuel and DraftKings. I knew I was onto something back in 2011 writing this blog about fantasy sports and legalizing gambling. Now, more than ever there is a call to do so and I for one could not be more excited about it. It's the type of legislation that congress will need to address and there's already been public support for it from NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver. 

The other aspect that's been neat about this program in the short time, is that it's also reinforced what I'm not as interested in. I inherently never cared as much for the marketing or the revenue generation for brands, sponsorships, and partners. Therefore, I hope to continue to use this space to write about topics that interest me - whether it's the growing concern about the Daily Fantasy Sports Industry, Making outlandish predictions that either myself or my brother (contributing) suggest, or anything else in sports that tickle my pickle. I'll blog it.

For now, welcome back - happy to have you along for the ride.

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