Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 5 NFL Picks - In 140 Characters or Less

Sanjs Twitter picks:

let me tell you who you should take in the most generic 140 characters or less.

*****= 5 units
* = 1 unit 

I'm a professional so listen to everything I say... or don't and save yourself from an awful Monday morning. It's my birthday this weekend, so what could possibly go wrong?

Spreads from

IND @ HOU (-2.5)
Sanj Says: Take Indy, I already watched the game.
Bet Rating:*****

CLE @ BALT (-6.5)
Sanj Says: Take Cleveland with the points. Cleveland will leave it all out on the field.
Bet rating: **

STL @ GB (-9)
Sanj Says: Packers. Look for a fully focused 60 minutes from Rodgers.
Bet Rating: ***

NO @ PHILLY (-5.5)
Sanj Says: New Orleans. Must-win game.
Bet Rating: Just don't

Sanj Says: Take Buffalo. Welcome to the NFL, Mariota.
Bet Rating: ****

CHI @ KC (-9)
Sanj Says: Chicago. Cutler and Co. will find a way to move the chains.
Bet Rating: *

SEA @ CIN (-3)
Sanj Says: Bengals. This game will be won in the trenches.
Bet Rating:**

JAX @ TB (-3)
Sanj Says: Take Tampa, Look for TB to establish the run and get back to their brand of football from the early 2000's in which no coaching staff or current players still remain.
Bet Rating:****

Sanj Says: ATL. Move the sticks and win the turnover battle.
Bet Rating: *

ARIZONA @ DET (+2.5)
Sanj Says: Arizona. Tremendous Upside.
Bet Rating: ***

DEN @ OAK (+4.5)
Sanj Says: Broncos, Peyton has that look in his eye.
Bet Rating: ***

NE @ DAL (+8.5)
Sanj Says: Patriots, get out a loan to place this bet.
Bet Rating: *****

SF @ NYG (-7)
Sanj Says: NYG, Fast paced offense with guys playing 110%.
Bet Rating: *

PIT @ SD (-3)
Sanj Says: Steelers, on any given Sunday.
Bet Rating: **

Season Record: 1-0
Units: +5

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