Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NFL Week 15 Recap

Just when things started to look like they might all make sense - everything was flipped upside down in week 15 of the NFL. The Packers, Texans, Ravens, Jets, Steelers, Giants, Broncos were all teams heading into this weekend that were in a position to make the playoffs. All of those teams lost. Also - the Colts won! So not only did we end the 16-0 dream for the Packers, we avoided an 0-16 misery for the Colts. But I have to be honest - the only thing I cared about this weekend from a sports standpoint was my fantasy match ups. Click after the jump for more of a recap of week 15 and to see if I advanced in my quest for fantasy supremacy...

Went 8-7-1. Felt like I was going to dominate this week after an early 6-1 start. But as is the usual around here - things reverted back to the average (.500) pretty quickly. I can't say that there was a 'best game' from the weekend - but the most telling game for me was the fact that the Saints are good and Drew Brees may legitimately have a shot at winning the MVP. Assuming the Saints and the Packers (Aaron Rodgers would be the other candidate) both win out - Brees would have likely crushed Marino's singled season yards record (5,084) and will finish with a +30 TD/Int ratio. I know Rodgers has been the clear cut favorite from Day 1 - but Brees' season is certainly worthy of some real consideration.

Speaking of Brees - he unknowingly quarterbacks the fantasy team for my big money league. Thanks to Brees (51 pts), Calvin Johnson (52 pts), and LeSean McCoy (34 pts) - I was able to put up my season high in points an cruise to a 60 point victory on my way to the Championship game. In my other league - I also have Megatron and Shady McCoy - so it's really not fair. But there was some more uncertainty here since his players got him out to a huge cushion (Matt Ryan, MJD, and Felix Jones). Still pulled out the 40 point win - because unlike Tebow, all I do is win. Stay humble. With Two fantasy championships on the line, my biggest haters all day birthday celebration, and the return of the NBA regular season - this xmas weekend is shaping up to be one of my favorites of all time. 

Just a reminder to all of the fantasy owners that have made it this far into their seasons - offering up a split-championship is about the least manly thing you can do - grounds for having Man Cards revoked. Just no balls. It's right up there with not visiting Vegas for a stretch of 5 years (checking flights for first weekend of March Madness now).

With losses to the Ravens, Steelers, and Texans - the Patriots are now sitting atop the AFC all by themselves. Feels about right. After a convincing win over the Broncos - the Patriots have now won 6 in a row - in large part due to the fact that their offense is just as good as any other in the league. That being said their defense is still extremely suspect and will likely be their downfall in the playoffs. 

One look at the wild card standings and its a mess in the AFC. The Jets, Bengals, Raiders, Chargers, and Titans all still have viable shots for 1 remaining spot. Who will take that you ask? I have no idea - but it should make for two very exciting weeks of football. 

Projected Playoff Picture:
AFC East: Patriots - control their own destiny to home field advantage throughout the AFC
AFC North: Ravens - Bad, bad loss to the Chargers on SNF. But Steelers can't convert - so they are still the driver.
AFC South: Texans - already clinched - but this would be the team I'd love to see in the first round if I'm a Wild Card team. 
AFC West: Chargers - doesn't feel like the Broncos are going to hold on here. 9-7 likely wins the division - no idea how the tiebreakers work.
AFC Wild Card: Steelers - they can still win the division - but it's probably smart to rest Big Ben for the playoffs at this point. I'm pretty sure I could start against the Rams this week.
AFC Wild Card: Jets - huge match up in NY against the G-men this weekend. Can't wait.
Left Out: Broncos, Bengals, Raiders, Titans, Chiefs

NFC East: Cowboys - I bet them at +300 at the beginning of the season. Pretty sure that means the Eagles will win the division.
NFC North: Packers - 1972 Dolphins can pop champagne again.
NFC South: Saints - Monday Night Football matchup with the Falcons should be a gem.
NFC West: 49ers - played lights out last night. Elloell
NFC Wild Card: Falcons - Matt Ryan continues to get better as do Julio Jones and Roddy White. Scary team that could make a solid run.
NFC Wild Card: Lions - Megatron single-handedly got them into the playoffs. They feel like a first round exit from the playoffs. But Congrats to Detroit who have not made the playoffs since 1999 when Barry Sanders was still running around.
Left Out: Giants, Eagles, Seahawks, Cardinals, Bears.

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