Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NFL Week 10 Recap

As expected - this was another tough week to predict games in the NFL. Eight games in which the point spread was 3 points or less - basically a toss up throughout the slate of games. I probably should have known it was going to be a rough Sunday when my morning started in Chinatown. I've never been out to Chinatown in Philly, but after this weekend, I'll definitely be getting some more late night Asian persuasion in my life especially if scenes like this continue to take occur:

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We went 6-10 for the week, but managed to stay above .500 (71-69-5) for the season. Haven't done so well lately, but that's bound to change. I hope. One of the biggest injuries of the year so far occurred this weekend when Texans QB Matt Schaub suffered a Lisfranc injury in his foot. I don't really know what that means - but it sounds bad. It's been reported that Schaub, who has led the Texans to an AFC best 7-3 record, will be out for the remainder of the season. That means the Texans - who do have a bye week coming up - will have to turn to Matt Leinart. This Texans team has been nothing short of resilient all year when it comes to injuries - Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, and Mario Williams have all missed time this year - but when you lose your offensive captain and one of the better QBs in the league, that's asking for too much to overcome. Let's just say its a good thing they play in the AFC South. 

In Fantasy news - Chris Johnson finally bounced back with a 130 yard rushing performance to go along with a TD and 44 yards receiving against the Panthers. For fantasy owners that held onto him, Johnson may very well be the key to a long playoff run. Although it's my assumption that if Johnson was your first round pick the playoffs are not a reality. WR Larry Fitzgerald had his biggest game of the season coming against the Eagles going for 7 receptions, 146 yards, 2 TDs and this ridiculous grab. I was as shocked as anyone in Philadelphia after that game on Sunday. Perhaps their new goal should be tank mode and attempt to add even more talent to the most talented team on paper. For those of you lacking depth at the WR position - there are still some good options available in most leagues: Harry Douglas - ATL (3%), Damian Williams - TEN (7%), Vincent Brown - SD (7%), and I would have suggested Jacoby Jones who is available in 30% of all leagues - but the injury to Schaub definitely hurts his stock.

My Teams went 3-0 for another week, as I continue to hold down first place in two leagues (8-2 each) and am in the hunt for the playoffs in the other (6-4). Somehow Matthew Berry makes a living giving fantasy advice that Michael Vick will be the number 1 player in fantasy football this year... prior to his reported broken ribs he ranked as the number 10 QB in Fantasy Football. He hasn't logged any rushing TDs (although his 535 rushing yards are still impressive) and he's touted a piss-poor TD/Int ratio of 1:1. Still not sure why I'm not getting paid for this.

Weekly Buffalo Bills Update:
I'm just glad that the blowout against the Cowboys was painless and easy to get over with. Down 28-7 at the half, the game was virtually over when the Bills failed to convert on 4th down inside the red zone to start the second half. I didn't watch much of the rest - mostly because I was coping with a hangover, but also because the Bills just couldn't get it going for the second week in a row. If the 2011 Season means anything to Buffalo, next week's road game against the suddenly streaking Miami Dolphins is a must win. I just checked the early line and Vegas has the Dolphins as a two-point favorite (gulp). Not surprising. It looks like I'm not the only one that sees the wheels coming off on this roller coaster ride. 

This week was the weekend of division rival matchups. We saw the Patriots, Steelers, Bears, Raiders, and Broncos all grab important wins. But no win was bigger and more crushing than the Saints win over the Falcons. Much to the chagrin of 20/20 hindsight, Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith made the ballsy call to go for it on 4th and less than a yard in OT against the Saints. The only problem was that the Falcons were on their own 29 yard line. As someone that was rooting for the Falcons - I loved the call, because I thought there was no way that Brees would be stopped a second time in OT. The Falcons did not convert, and Brees took over and lead the Saints to a game-winning field goal. In a NFC wild card race that is likely to come down to one win, that very well could have been the season for the Falcons. I'm just glad I don't have to make those calls. 

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