Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NFL Week 12 Recap

What a fun 12th week of action in the NFL. First we had TebowMania strike again! I know doing "the Tebow" has become a nationwide phenomena but I think Chargers K Nick Novak is doing it wrong here. Then Lions DT Ndomakong Suh was given a 2 game suspension after he showed a Packers offensive lineman what he was thankful for on Thanksgiving - and the always creative Stevie Johnson gave us a highlight to remember the Bills 2011 season with his TD celebration against the Jets. He also then promptly dropped a ball that would have given the Bills great field position on the final drive - but that's just how the season has gone. Click for some more highlights and in-depth expert analysis on week 12 after the jump...

Finally got back on the board with a winning week as we went 10-6 and made a nice chunk of money so that's always a plus. By far the most impressive performance of the week had to be the New Orleans Saints absolute dismantling of the New York Giants on Monday Night. I'm not going to lie - I watched 0% of this game - but from the highlights I saw and the box score that I looked at New Orleans is a team that has it going in the right direction right now. Drew Brees is an absolute machine and the pre-game video where he's talking to Head Coach Sean Payton made me respect the Quarterback position even more. Sure beats my "Sunny - run a 7 yard out" and "Deepi - just bitch up Sabbie" play calls from Thanksgiving. 

There's really no piece of advice that I can give at this point in the season to help make your teams better. Hopefully you picked up players that have helped your team make it to the playoffs - if not just sit back and enjoy the last 5 weeks of the NFL season. For teams that are in the playoffs or in the hunt - just keep doing what you've been doing. Another week of expert fantasy advice off the checklist. 

My teams continue to do well - another 3-0 week bringing me to 9-3 in two leagues and 7-5 in the other. I'd like to say that I just know more about fantasy sports than everyone else, but fantasy football is just a crapshoot. Basketball and Baseball, now that's where fantasy managing comes into play.

Weekly Buffalo Bills Update:
Season over. Thanks for trying.

The AFC is about as wide open as (insert joke about easy girl). The Patriots, Ravens, Texans, and Steelers all post the same 8-3 mark - but each has been very inconsistent for stretches at a time this season. The Texans have probably played the best football throughout the year - but they're not going anywhere anytime soon with Tyler Yates at the helm. I'm actually serious when I say this - but I'm not sure why Donovan McNabb doesn't demand a trade to Houston, show everyone he still has something left in that tank, and continue to lead the Texans to wins behind a great run game and excellent defense. If McNabb still thinks he can play, or even wants to play, he should be knocking down the Vikings front office door demanding to be released or waived or some type of transaction that lands him on a contender - ideally the Texans. Or just continue to hold that clipboard for a 2-9 football team. Either way works, really. 

The NFC currently has 5 very strong teams - Packers, 49ers, Saints, Cowboys, and Falcons. The Bears, Giants, and Lions will contend for that final playoff spot but all three teams seem to be trending downwards. The Bears will need to change things up a Quarterback if they intend on going anywhere in the postseason. They will rely on a quarterback that the Jacksonville Jaguars didn't think was good enough to play on their team. The Jaguars! Nope check that, Luke McCown was the Jags QB - the Bears signed his brother Josh McCown - who played in the UFL last year. My bad. The Lions need another season of growth before they can be considered a contender. The Giants, now losers of three in a row, face the Packers at home and then head to Dallas in week 14 - Now I make a lot of dumb bets, but I'm not sure I would be willing to back their chances of making the playoffs. 

Just for fun here are my post-Week 12 Predicted Playoff Outcomes:
AFC East: New England - No contest in this one
AFC North: Baltimore - Get the tiebreaker over the Steelers.
AFC South: Houston - Sneak it with shaky QB play
AFC West: Oakland - Playing very well and they don't even have their best RB
AFC Wild Card: Pittsburgh - Could absolutely see them making a run to the Super Bowl
AFC Wild Card: Denver - TebOWWWWWW 
Left Out: Jets, Bengals, Titans

NFC East: Dallas - Opportunity to clinch the division at home against the Giants in week 14

NFC North: Green Bay - only question is 16-0?
NFC South: New Orleans - Who Dat!
NFC West: San Francisco - they clinched after week 3
NFC Wild Card: Atlanta - Hopefully that 4th and inches play doesn't come back to bite Mike Smith
NFC Wild Card: This is interesting - I honestly don't see the Bears, Lions, or Giants getting to 10 wins, which means 9-7 could do the trick in the NFC. That means the Philadelphia Eagles still have a shot at the playoffs! I'm not sure how the tiebreakers work themselves out yet - but I'll pencil in the Eagles, 4-7 (@Sea-W, @Mia-W, Jets-W, @Dal-W, Was-W) for the 6th and final spot. Don't call it a comeback.
Left Out: Bears, 7-4 (KC-W, @Den-L, Sea-W, @GB-L, @Min-L), Lions, 7-4 (@NO-L, Min-W, @Oak-L, SD-W, @GB -L, Giants, 6-5 (GB-L, @Dal-L, Was-L, @Jets-L, Dal-L)

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