Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NFL Week 6 Recap

Today is my birthday. I'm thinking about going to #OccupyWallStreet for a little bit - but I'm not sure how that would look for my blogging career - No but seriously thank you to my family and all of my friends. I'm grateful for the love you have shown, the support you have provided, and the jokes we've had throughout the years. Alright on to more important things - Click for a recap of what happened in the NFL after the jump...

Even though I did not do so well with the picks (a measly 4-7-2) it was actually a pretty enjoyable weekend of football from a fan's perspective. It felt like there were so many good games that came down to a final drive or final play in nearly every marquee matchup. The Bills lost a thriller to the Giants (more on that later), the Patriots and Cowboys looked sluggish through 3.5 quarters - but Captain Brady was clutch as usual, and the best moment of the weekend had to be the post-game "Who's got a bigger Ego" moment between 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh and Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz. Two coaches leading two up and coming franchises going toe-to-toe. I personally loved the intensity that Harbaugh showed after that win on the road - did he overreact? Absolutely, he won a game in week 6 - not the NFC West (although he may have clinched the division with that win). But it showed me that he was real. That he cares. And that he's a d-bag. All three traits that I think make for a successful head coach in the NFL (see Bill Belichick, Rex Ryan, and Andy Reid). Here are some more thoughts on Fantasy as well as in the NFL:

Bye Weeks can be a sticky situation for any fantasy team. My advice? Continue talking shit to everyone in your league about how great your team is and how you're just hitting your stride (whatever that means). If that fails - just blame it on your unfortunate bye week matchups. Fool proof strategy. 

For those in need of skill players, I would suggest trying to make some trades to find fill-in players instead of picking from the bottom of the barrel (waivers). If you have depth at TE but are weak at RB/WR because of the bye week - try to find a team that is struggling at TE (Ed Dickson and Jermaine Gresham started in one of my leagues) and go after a middle of the road RB/WR. For those in need of a Quarterback, I would suggest finding a fill-in via the Waiver list. Josh Freeman, Sam Bradford, Andy Dalton, and Matt Cassell - while not pretty on paper could be serviceable against the right matchup. It's all about putting out the best team possible every week - if you have to cut ties with players on a bye week then so be it. This is a ruthless business and winning means everything. At the end of the season no one is going to remember who cut Brandon Jacobs in week 7 - actually, I'm not sure anyone remembers anything from a fantasy football season. That's why we love the game.

My teams went 2-1 again this week - bringing my season total to a decent 12-6 across my three leagues. Just coasting along trying to make the playoffs. 

Weekly Buffalo Bills Update:
At 4-2 things are still much better than expected - and while I've been able to keep expectations in check that game this weekend against the Giants was very very winnable. Do I think the Bills lack a defense? Yes. I'd offer that my brother, myself, and our 6 year old cousin would be more of an intimidating force than the Defense the Bills rolled out on Sunday. But even with a lack of a Defense the Bills still had a great chance to win the game with 4 minutes left in the fourth. On the road, Fitzpatrick and the Bills were driving for the go ahead score. Stevie Johnson got one on one coverage on the outside and Fitzpatrick simply under threw him for a crucial interception. Those are the mistakes that playoff teams avoid. Taking care of the football has been the key to this good start - with the Defense the Bills have - the offense can ill-afford to be careless in late game moments. Next Up: Bye Week, followed by Redskins at Home.

Carson Palmer is now an Oakland Raider for potentially TWO future #1 picks. In other news, Brandon Lloyd was traded to the Rams for a Sixth Round pick. Care to take a stab at which one of these guys played in the Pro Bowl last year? I just don't get it on either end. Palmer has not been to a Pro Bowl since 2006 and has since suffered a knee surgery and an elbow surgery. Why couldn't the Raiders have signed a Free Agent like David Garrard, gotten similar production and at least saved their future? Does Palmer really give them that much of an advantage? In what world do they think they can contend with the Ravens and Patriots to make a legitimate Super Bowl run? Meanwhile, pro bowler Brandon Lloyd reconnects with his former head coach Josh McDaniels and the Rams only have to part ways with a 6th round pick in next years draft. I'm all for rebuilding in Denver - but really a 6th round pick is all you could muster up for a guy that had 1450 receiving yards last season? Just last year the Broncos traded Brandon Marshall to the Miami Dolphins for TWO Second Round picks (2010, 2011). Has the market for Pro Bowl WR's depreciated that much? Also how's that for Tim Tebow's confidence? "Hey kid, you're starting next week on the road, oh by the way we're going to give away your only deep threat, but we've got help coming in the form of a 2012 6th Rounder!" Nice going Oakland and Denver. 

In the NFC - there's the Packers - and then there's everyone else. The Lions and 49ers played a great game and I truly hope to see a rematch in the playoffs - mostly for the post-game handshake. In the NFC East we have a huge puzzle that no one can seem to figure out. No team is "guaranteed/confirmed", and no team is completely out of the race. Even at 1-4 the Eagles catapulted themselves back into the discussion with a convincing win at Washington. If I were a betting man, my money would still be on the Cowboys to win the division - I just like their defense too much and I still trust Tony Romo - even if Jason Garrett doesn't. 

That's all I got for now - should be back at some point before the first pitch for a prediction on the World Series. I just need to give myself other things to do while football is away. 

Thanks again for all the wishes - loveyouguysokaybye.

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