Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NFL Week 7 Recap

As I had expected this was notttt a good week of football. A lot of this years marquee teams were on their bye week - and it just felt like every game this weekend was a battle of field goals or an unwatchable blowout. The story of the weekend was probably how Tim Tebow looked like a QB that didn't belong in the NFL for 57 minutes - and then 'heroically" lead his team to a 15 point come back on the 'road'. He literally helped bolster both sides of the argument for/against him being a successful NFL QB. I think that this game had less to do with Tebow and more to do with the Dolphins' LUCKy Loss. Get it - because they want Andrew Luck? Read for more expert analysis and insight after the jump...

Came back this week with a solid 7-5-1 effort in the picks - however I made no money because I started off 1-4 with the Dolphins, Chargers, and Titans who each took away any semblance of confidence I had left in me. All just brutal losses for very different reasons. One thing that kind of irks me has been the lack of attention that is paid by the media when it comes to Philip Rivers. It seems like everyone is so quick to point the finger at Tony Romo when he is 'responsible' for his teams loss - but when Rivers loses a game the general attitude seems to be "Oh - the Chargers always get off to a slow start." Romo came into the league as an undrafted QB, while Rivers was taken with the 4th overall pick in 2004. Yet, you would think that Romo was God's Gift with all of the expectations that are thrown at him. In a Week 1 loss to the Jets on the road, Romo threw for 342 yards, 2 TDs and had two bad turnovers in the Fourth Quarter. The Jets won 27-24 after trailing by 14. In this weekend's game Rivers amassed a whopping 179 yards, had two picks (one on the final drive) and a QB Rating of 51.4. The Jets erased an 11 point lead to win 27-21. Not a word about the poor play of Rivers this week. It seems a bit unfair to pile all of this negative attention on Romo - when Rivers has been just as unreliable and has performed much worse throughout the course of the season. Here are some more thoughts on Fantasy and the NFL:

DeMarco Murray was the fill-in pickup of the year. I had him in all three of my leagues - because that's what experts do. I kid - I was just that desperate in each of my leagues to start a 3rd round Rookie that I had never heard of a month ago. Bye weeks make you do things you otherwise would not do - but he certainly paid off. 

Looking ahead to next week - since I'm done talking about last week - there are a couple of good match-ups from a fantasy standpoint. The 49ers play the Browns, I would start their defense and Frank Gore. The Texans play the Jaguars, I would start everyone with a Texans Bull on their helmet. And the Giants come off a bye to play the Dolphins - sounds like two bye weeks in a row, but start everyone. 

My teams went 2-1. Business as usual. 

All of the good teams were either off or playing against cupcakes with the exception of the Baltimore Ravens. That was a bad bad loss on Monday Night Football to a shitty Jacksonville team. Tough to point the finger at the defense - Joe Flacco and his offense should be ashamed of their performance. Those are games that the elite teams win with their eyes closed. I guess the Ravens forgot to wake up for this one.

Definitely looking forward to the culmination of the World Series (rooting for the Rangers) as well as this weekends matchups in the NFL, we finally get a great primetime match up - Cowboys/Eagles on Sunday night. Should be a gem.

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